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Dr. Christopher T. Bell (“Dr. Chris”) and his team cannot wait to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. He is the ONLY chiropractor within the Grand Haven area to specialize in Decompression Therapy which helps to provide non-surgical pain relief. He also offers a full range of manual modalities to relieve bone, joint, and muscle pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Chris has been serving the West Michigan area for the past twelve years, and his techniques are designed to help you take action and get back to enjoying a high level of health and wellness.  

Achieve your health and wellness goals with Action

Techniques Designed to Help You Take Action

Explore different conditions, pain points, and symptoms  that can be treated through a custom chiropractic care plan by clicking the green circles to the right.

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Shoulder/Arm Pain

Leg/Hip Pain

Frequent Cold & Flu/Sinus Trouble/Allergies

Digestive Problems/Menstrual Cramps

TMJ syndrome



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Tennis Elbow

Muscle Imbalance

Jumper's Knee

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Rooted in Finding Sustainable Health Solutions

At Action Chiropractic, our healing solutions are rooted in treating the body as a whole. You are more than just a collection of symptoms. After we set up your initial physical exam, we will design a program unique to you and your personal health goals or needs.

Rooted in safe, holistic healing
Rooted in whole body treatment
Rooted in achieving optimal health

Which Service Is Right for You?

Chiropractic Adjustment

Therapeutic Exercise

Kinesio Tape

Decompression Therapy

Custom Orthotics

Posture Screenings

what our customers are saying

"Great service, great care, and great people! They are very accommodating to your schedule and always try to fit you in when needed. Highly recommend. After being in an auto accident, they helped get me back to work sooner and helped me figure out the insurance aspect of it, too."

Miranda P.

"I am extremely happy with Dr. Chris and the entire staff, I am also a new patient and would highly recommend!!!"

John W.

"Dr. Chris is absolutely the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. He thoroughly examines you and listens to your issues. He’s the first chiropractor I’ve ever been to that I feel pain relief within hours and a complete difference by the next morning. I highly recommend him to anyone who plays sports and has those aches and pains from being active."

Jenni S.

"All I can say is WOW.  I worked in Healthcare 32 years never have I seen care like this. From the consult to the exam and x-rays they are thorough, and take time with you.. You don't feel like a number and they listen to all your concerns.  Also, the treatment plan is laid out for you. I like the no prescription meds approach, and they are very knowledgeable about the natural supplements they sell. I highly recommend that you give them a call!"

Renee K.

"Dr Chris, Jessica, the massage therapist, and the entire staff are very professional and friendly.  I started going for neck and back pain and have noticed considerable improvement within my reasonable expectations.  Between my adjustments , and massage therapy, I have felt so much better!  Thank you so much for your care of my health needs!"

Greg C.